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Bunny In The Island is a retro-style game for Android.Following in the footsteps of Super Mario, this game has that special old-school feel that makes playing so irresistibly fun.

You play a small Bunny,who is on rescue mission of his friend Emma from a Rabbit Hunter MR.Rudolf.

There are a variety of animals in the worlds that you roam whom you have to fight or avoid. Just as in baseball, the game follows the rule – 3 strikes and you are out. Touch these natives, or their projectiles thrice and you have to restart the stage. Of course, you die in a single shot if you fall down into the abyss or touch those darned spike in some stages. You can collect carrots to get a protective armor and you finish each level by collection 3 Rabbit bubbles that are spread across the level. The goal of each level is to just stay alive and get to these Rabbit Bubbles. To kill the natives, you have fly above them and stomp on them. You can also take control of the monkey and blow them up, or blow them on the faces of the other natives.

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Bunny In The Island was released on Nov 1 , 2010. Check out some recent videos and screenshots of the game.

Bunny In The Island requires Android 1.5 and runs on the T-Mobile G1, the Verizon Droid, and everything in between.

  • Roll, jump, fly, and stomp your way through 21 challenging levels.
  • Possess monkey and control their movement.
  • Supports all screen sizes and resolutions.
  • Requires 5MB of flash storage space.
  • Free version available for download on Android Market.

Please send all press inquires to android.developers@al-khawarizimisoft.com

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